The Dashboard

Project Overview

Your Dashboard will open directly after logging in. The main part of the dashboard is the project overview with project-specific function.

The Dashboard and the overview over your projects

You can reach the following functions in the project overview:

  • An overview over all changed pages. To open the overview, you just have to click on the project name or the arrow in front of it. You will the see last publishing date and all pages that are not published yet or have been changed or released after the last publication.
  • Edit opens the Edit View of depage-cms.
  • Preview opens a preview, what your project will look like after publishing.
  • By clicking on Publish you can publish all your changes to the live server.
  • If your projects supports this, you have access to the Project Shortcuts.
  • In the File Library you can manage all project assets like images, videos and other files. This is also the place to upload new assets.
  • Edit Colors opens the Colors and Colorschemes View, where you can edit and manage the colors for your project.
  • The last buttons gives you access to the Project Settings.

The Split-Interface

Split Layout

Most of the time you'll work inside a split view: The left part consists of user user interface to edit and add your content. You'll be able to add new pages, change texts or choose images. The right part, which opens as soon as you start editing your pages, consists of an automatic preview of the page you are currently editing.

The Split Interface

As soon a the split-view opens, you can choose between three layout modes:

  • Edit-Only
  • Split-View
  • Preview-Only

Layout Buttons

The Editing Area

The Editing area also has two parts: On the left, there are one or two structural trees, that you can edit with similar tools, like moving, copying, renaming or deleting. Right next to it is the area of the document properties of the element that you select in the tree on the left.

See Editing Pages

The Preview Area

The preview of the page gets updated automatically while editing the pages.

See Page Preview


The Project Menu

The project menu gives you access to common project functions, that are also available on the dashboard:

  • Edit
  • File library
  • Colors
  • Publishing
  • Settings

And you can switch between different projects.

The Project Menu

The User Menu

The user manu gives you access to logout of depage-cms and to change some of the settings of your user account (e.g. change your password).

The User Menu


There is an inline help buttons, which opens short descriptions of the interface elements currently displayed on your screen.

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