depage-forms: HTML5-forms in PHP with ease and comfort

depage-forms is PHP library for HTML form generation with focus on usability. It is part of the upcoming version of depage-cms, but it also works as a standalone library. By abstracting HTML, browser flaws (duplicate form submissions) and form validation, it provides a comfortable way to obtain reliable and validated data from users.

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  • validation
    • server side
    • client side (jQuery Tools)
    • available for standard input elements
    • customizable with regular expressions
    • basic CSRF protection
  • HTML5 form features
    • attributes : placeholder, autofocus, textbox datalists, title, pattern
    • input elements : boolean (checkbox), email, hidden, multiple (checkbox, select list), number, password, range, search, single (radio, select list), tel, text, textarea, url
  • richtext element (wysiwyg HTML editor)
  • averts form resubmission
  • divide forms into Ń•eparate parts
  • neat return values with appropriate data types
  • easy language localisation
  • session timeout
  • simple creditcard validation (by values)
  • unit tested


  • PHP 5.3
  • jQuery >=1.4.3 (optional, for client side validation and richtext field)



Install Using Composer

Get composer at and then just add this to your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "depage/htmlform": "*"

Now run

composer install

to install the current version of depage-htmlform into your vendor dir.

For more information

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