Form expiry exampleOne can lower the lifetime of the forms session by setting the 'ttl' value. Setting this higher than the PHP session length (default around 30min) has no effect.

* Load the library...
require_once '../../htmlform.php';
* Create the example form 'timeoutForm', set the session expiry to 3 seconds.
* (this is mainly to demonstrate the feature, 3 seconds will probably irritate
* users)
$form = new depage\htmlform\htmlform('timeoutForm', array('ttl' => 3));
* Add input elements
$form->addText('username', array('label' => 'User name'));
$form->addEmail('email', array('label' => 'Email address'));
* The process method is essential to the functionality of the form. It serves
* various purposes:
* - it validates submitted data if there is any
* - it redirects to the success page if all the data is valid
* - it stores the data in the session and redirects to the form to circumvent
* the form resubmission problem
* Finally, if the form is valid, dump the data (for demonstration). If it's
* not valid (or if it hasn't been submitted yet) display the form.
if ($form->validate()) {
* Success, do something useful with the data and clear the session.
* The getValues method returns an array of the form element values.
echo('<a href="">back</a>');
} else {
* Display the form.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../lib/css/depage-forms.css">
<?php echo($form); ?>